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The desert is a wonder of Earth and the place Desert Survivors holds most dear. We explore these lands, enjoy their splendor and work to keep them as treasured wilderness.

Desert Survivors is made up of people who love the desert, and want it to remain wild. Our efforts are voluntary. Support comes from membership and donations. Your support will sustain us in our three-fold mission:

Experience - Desert Survivors sponsors over 25 excursions to the deserts each year, including car camping, back packing and river trips. These lands are beautiful and intriguing. They hold wondrous terrain, vibrant plant and animal life, historic sites and ancient artifacts that are a joy to explore.

Share - Believing that people who experience the desert will want to conserve it, Desert Survivors works to share it with others. We do outreach at community fairs and present slide lectures to introduce ourselves to the public. Our membership fee is low and the cost of our trips (a requested $25 donation) is much less than most outdoor entities charge.

Protect - Our service projects and wilderness monitoring program are key components in our effort to preserve the desert. Led by the Center For Biological Diversity we have joined in lawsuits demanding government agencies to follow environmental protection mandates when overseeing these lands. We are active in resisting the Trump administration's efforts to rescind national monuments and undo conservation regulations.

The generosity of supporters and efforts of Desert Survivors volunteers keep all of this going. Please help in any manner you can. Thank you.