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Desert Survivors End-Of-Year 2018 Donation Drive


"The lover of nature, whose perceptions have been trained in the Alps, in Italy, Germany or New England would enter this strange region with a shock and dwell there for a time with a sense of oppression and perhaps horror. Whatever things he had learned to regard as beautiful and noble he would seldom or never see. But time would bring a gradual change. Someday he would suddenly become conscious that outlines which at first seemed harsh and trivial have grace and meaning; that forms which seemed grotesque are full of dignity; that colors which had been esteemed unrefined, immodest and glaring, are as expressive, tender, changeful and capacious of effects as any others. Great innovations whether in art or literature, in science or in nature, seldom take the world by storm. They must be understood before they can be estimated, and must be cultivated before they can be understood."

Clarence Edward Dutton, from The Geology of the High Plateaus of Utah (1880)